Have you heard about “the sixth sense?” The real sixth sense has nothing to do with M. Night Shamalyan movies and everything to do with your body’s natural sensory signals.

The “sixth sense” is known as proprioception, a skill that your body uses to tell where your body parts are within an environment.

Balance and Falls

Did you know that one third of Americans over the age of 65 fall every year?

Falls may initially seem like harmless accidents, but they can lead to serious injuries, chronic disability, and even fatality. In fact, falls send approximately 3 million seniors to the emergency room every year.

The Future of Hidden Wearable Devices

When you think about medical devices, you may think about something bulky and hard to lug around, or you may even think about surgical procedures, like those required for pacemakers or neurostimulator devices. However, that isn’t the full picture.

Accelera, Inc., of Biddeford, Maine Makes first Shipment.

Please join the Accelera team in celebrating a landmark occasion by shipping their first SR-100 on Monday, March 13, 2023. Through the extraordinary efforts of a dedicated team of professionals, we have accomplished this major goal. Our long-term goal is to provide this life-changing technology to all who can benefit from it!

Whole Body Vibration vs. Wearable Mechanical Vibration Signals

Vibrational therapy is a time-tested treatment that can be used to help a wide variety of conditions, but there is more than one type of vibrational therapy.

Today, the staff at Accelera is going to help you understand the difference between whole body vibration (WBV) and wearable mechanical vibration signals.

Aging Gracefully

Life doesn’t stop at 50. More and more people are taking advantage of their golden years to travel, explore new hobbies, or simply spend more time with their loved ones.

However, your ability to fully enjoy your senior years depends on one rather precarious thing: your health. As the body ages, things are going to change, and certain parts of your body are going to wear down.

Stochastic Resonance for Those Living with Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy, also known as CP, is the most common childhood motor disability, affecting 2-3 children in 1,000 and approximately 764,000 people in the United States.

Caused by brain damage or abnormal brain development, CP affects the parts of the brain that are responsible for muscle movement. CP can cause difficulty with daily tasks like walking, maintaining posture, and using your hands.

No, Stochastic Resonance is not electrical, it’s different!

If you or a loved one experiences neurological deficits, you or your medical provider might have considered many different devices as a part of your treatment strategy. Therapists have used vibration, electrical stimulation and more for decades in rehabilitation.

The Importance of Proprioception

Close your eyes. Then, put a finger on your nose.

It seems like a simple task but being able to tell where your body parts are without seeing them is an important skill known as proprioception.