Accelera, Inc., of Biddeford, Maine Makes first Shipment.

Please join the Accelera team in celebrating a landmark occasion by shipping their first SR-100 on Monday, March 13, 2023. Through the extraordinary efforts of a dedicated team of professionals, we have accomplished this major goal. Our long-term goal is to provide this life-changing technology to all who can benefit from it!

A special thanks to the Maine Technology Institute, the Maine Venture Fund, and other investors for their continued support.

“Years of research have gone into this technology, and it is now available as the world’s first wearable technology of its type that helps improve ease, accuracy, and speed of movement. This is a major milestone for Accelera and our team. Made this possible through their continued dedication to our mission to help as many people as possible with neurological challenges.” Mike Wing, Co-founder, and CEO.

 The SR-100 packages the technology in a wearable strap worn on the arm, wrist, leg, or ankle. Custom applications for other bodily positioning are also available. Using Accelera’s proprietary software, an individual can wear up to four SR-100s at once in different body positions and each in an independent setting.

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SR-100 for Home Use
Balance Pack

$895.00 (Save $95 if you order two!) 

SR-100 for Home

Use $495.00

SR-100 Kit for Professionals